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Ann Higgins

Ann Higgins

Director of Special Education

Welcome to our Cooperative! We have an incredible staff in place and ready to support students with disabilities, their families, and school staff.   Collectively, we work with staff in local buildings to program for students with disabilities in an inclusive environment.   As we embark on this journey together, I would like to share some of our key focuses for the 23-24 school year.

  1. We will celebrate and program around student strengths, and continue to program for students with disabilities in the general education setting! 
  2. We are going to work closely with school staff to sort through the instructional gaps that students have had over the last 3 school years.  We have seen an increase in referrals for special education, and we will be looking at root causes for this change.   
  3. We are training and viewing decisions through a lens of trauma informed care.  Last year we focused on the work of Dr. Lori DeSautels.  This year, we will be looking at Dr. Bruce Perry's work.

We have so many students achieving successes in our schools.  They continue to teach us to widen our lens of perspective to remove barriers and obstacles to student learning.  And to the past students who taught us to be better educators....Thank You!  Your lessons are invaluable.

I am blessed to be surrounded by such a great team of professionals who love working with children.  I am looking forward to hearing about and celebrating student successes this year! Feel free to contact me with celebrations, questions, or concerns.

Ann Higgins WMAP Director

Celebrate what students can do!